Linux IT Infrastructure

I am a Linux/Open Source specialist working in office and web server environments for SMEs. I help them keep their operations running smoothly by creating custom tailored IT-infrastructure.

90-minute Strategy Call
This is for you, if
  • you have an idea for a Linux/Open Source-based IT-project
  • but need to talk strategy
  • are not sure, how feasible your vision is
  • want to talk with a seasoned F/LOSS expert 1-on-1

This goes for any kind of infrastructure possible with Open Source software on Linux, be it your

  • Small Office/Home Office with VPNs
  • high-availability web server farms
  • multi-functional groupware servers for distributed teams
  • self-healing storage solutions
  • smart home

Price: 500€

Server Installation
You will receive a turn-key solution with a full documentation of all custom configurations that make it work for you. This is available for
  • web servers
  • mail servers
  • file servers
  • chat servers
  • VPN servers

Price: starting at 1.500€ for a Tiki-tuned LAMP web server

Requirements Assessment & Roadmapping
I analyse your requirements and develop an IT infrastructure concept specifically for your needs. This is the solution for you, if you
  • don't have money for a full service infrastructure build
  • need planning, architecture, project or team oversight
  • have an outdated infrastructure that is abandoned by other service providers

Price: starting 3.000 €

Full Infrastructure Build
I analyse your requirements, develop, as well as implement a full IT infrastructure specifically for your needs. This is the solution for you, if you
  • need a custom-made solution for your specific problem
  • want to have a one-stop solution

Price: starting 10.000 €

Monitoring & Maintenance
Of course I offer continuous monitoring & maintenance for any kind of Linux servers.

Price: starting 100€/server/month

Off-Line Backup
I can design, implement and orchestrate your complete off-line backup solution for protecting you against ransomware, controller failures and the lot. Backup media is being held at a 24/7 accessible professional vault service in Berlin, Germany.

Price: starting 100€/month

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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