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And actually I don't reach any machines in my network any more

blog post
Normally I access my girlfriends media station just by doing: Access Püppi's Freevo # ssh igor But well.. the Fritz!Box kills that! Of course! Everybody knows! No-one w  

Blog gets synced

blog post
The blog from here gets synced to http://alexander-mette.de every hour btw. This is working since two days. But I'll have to add the comments and double-check stuff, before moving completely. The fina  

Cooking water in a paper-cup is boring

blog post
Much cooler it is to know such handy tricks, that are adapted to our times. Cooking an egg with cell-phones  

Got a new webcam - Logitech Pro 4000

blog post
The old webcam was really a big annoyance - unplugging made it most of the time stop working. Then some module reloading and plugging (and luck and patience) was needed to get it running again. The L  

Heavily compiling...

blog post
.. the last days I have been doing a lot of cleanup. You won't recognize my room any more.. ;) .. and computer cleanup. Currently doing heavy recompile of my machine. Taking USE="gtk gnome&qu  

IBM Laptops rock _big_ time!

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The day before yesterday 1630 cet My girlfriend is shocked, her laptop lost the "T"-key. It was broken out and a little stud was broken away from the key. "Püppi, be cool, I'll ca  

Installed the Fritz!Box

blog post
It's a nifty little thing, plug it in and works - well, almost. But when it works, well then it works.. ;) Gatekeeper is suspended for now. Going in the net only by Fritz currently.  

Internet seems to be slower..

blog post
.. with the Fritz!Box than with the good ol' gatekeeper. I always knew, that it makes sense to route with a real machine. So ok, keep that in mind, amette: "Set up the Gatekeeper again - and  

Maintain often, maintain early...

blog post
Yes, that's the way a Gentoo system wants to be handled. I know, I know, mine has been out of normal order since a long time. And it wasn't that bad actually. Still: ''Maintain often, maintain early  

Money making made easy

blog post
I don't know if I should laugh or cry... Have a look at this: A Word-Wise Firefox Extension @ internetnews.com and repeat those questions with m  

My new webcam finally works :)

blog post
It was just a matter of setting the white balance method 'correctly'. I also extended my webcam script with some ImageMagick to enter date and time in the picture. It looks like this: {img src=http:  

Next generation Desktop available - NOW :)

blog post
I was very happy four days ago, when I heard, that Novell contributes in a truely Open Source manner to the [http://software.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=06/02/07/1559213|3D enhancement of the X-Windo  

Perfect sharing for explicit knowledge?

blog post
It has been some days now, that krugle has been announced. But this could really be an interesting step towards the idea of global knowledge sharing. I haven't yet grasped, how  

The mocube-machine gains shape

blog post
The last days I haven't only been cleaning up my local rooms, but also the remote mocube-room . There's now: http://mocube.org - for the machine itself http://alexander-mette.de - my f  

We got the faster Internet now

blog post
Sadly they can't provide us with 6000 DSL here. So now we have around 3000kBit downstream and 300 kBit upstream.  

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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