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Added all available RSS-Feeds as links in the header

blog post
I finally found out, why Konqeror never discovered the RSS-Feeds on TikiWiki pages. That was actually a no-brainer. The content-type of the RSS-Feeds was set to 'application/xml', which is no correct  

An extreme rant on WCAG 2

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.. can be found on the single most valuable site to website-developers ever: A list apart . Joe Clark has some very intriguing points to make about [http://alistapart.com/articl  

Back from Conférence PHP Quebec in Montreal

blog post
Yesterday evening I came back from Montreal, where I was giving [http://conf.phpquebec.com/en/session#the_virtualized_server_infrastructure_of_the_tikiwiki_community|my talk on the virtualized server  

Blogroll-module is available from tw.o now

blog post
Today I took off some hours (yes, for my small brain it took that long) to play with TikiWiki mods and put the blogroll-module t  

Created a blogroll-module for TikiWiki

blog post
I lately got a bit into Tiki-coding again. And when I today decided to clean up the subscriptions in my aKregator, I also quickly decided, that it's time to create a blogroll-module for Tiki. You can  

Decentralized VCSs really seem to be too good to be true

blog post
I have been dreaming of decentralized Version Control Systems since I heard of them. GnuBrain switched to darcs recently and today I decided to ch  

Digital Sins revisited

blog post
In the bootstrapping of the trollparty there were already some interesting discussions on #trollparty. One of them was with qopi aka [http://caracas.trollparty.org/tiki-index.php?page=%7Ejdaviescoates  

german-bash.org got RSS Feeds back :)

blog post
Yup, my Püppi discovered this and that's for sure the best thing since ice moulds for the refrigerator. It was also a good occassion to test the [http://alexander-mette.de/tiki-view_blog_post.php?  

Gnome searches for a CMS

blog post
Bergie blogged that yesterday and Midgard is evaluated there, too. Marc LaPor  

Had a good coding session

blog post
Tiki Freetag Folksonomy Tagging (TFFT ;) ) is now a full-blown feature in 1.10 HEAD. It has pretty much everything, that it needs: feature perms Admin screen On top of that you can really  

Informationweek about Wiki's, including good slogans by Marc LaPorte

blog post
Informationweek seems to support open, collaborative information exchange by telling executives all around the world, how great Wikis are: [http://www.informationweek.com/software/showArticle.jhtml  

Installed Dovecot and Postfix

blog post
Debian starts to annoy me like anything that tries to be smarter than me. Gentoo is a nice system sayin: "I'm just a distro, I'm dumb, tell me what you want!", but Debian tries to tell me, w  

Interesting IRC-Chat about the TikiWiki development model

blog post
{CODE(caption=#tikiwiki,wrap=>1,wiki=>0)} 00:05:59 batawata: I think issues like this object, search, wysiwyca, etc, need a tiki2 to be solved 00:06:32 amette: or a rethinking of tiki-deve  

m-conn - No comment

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My first external trackback! :D

blog post
Woohoo, with the previous post I trackbacked pixelsebi's blog. The trackback in his blog doesn't look too nice (it has just "blog" as title of the trackback), but man,  

Praise to our TikiGirl

blog post
This blog post is dedicated to sylvieg - one of the rare women in open source, one of the best coders I know and one of the cornerstones of Tiki community! She is not  

Registration rampage for the sake of distribution

blog post
Before new years eve I was thinking about what I could make my new years promise. I came up with a very good one(which I then didn't recall on new years eve ;) ): be more fatalist ! I have been cl  

Speaking of Tiki - 1.9.3(.1) is out

blog post
Yup, yup, interesting, but I forgot to mention it in the roundup-post : TikiWiki 1.9.3 was released - and just some hours later Yeah, the re  

The holy grail of CSS-based knowledge-lodging coming to TikiWiki

blog post
My bro created *lite! (pronounce: "star light" - that's the wildcard). According to him *lite! means: "<wha  

The Root Server Setup takes much longer than expected

blog post
I expected, that they have always a couple of servers spare and if an order comes in, they just hack it into their system and the automagic starts: assign a server to a customer, copy the image of the  
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