Published on Thu 07 of Apr, 2005

is definately English Cut!

Of course because I like the art of tailoring and am a fan of great suits. And as beloved O'Reilly's Make Magazine put it, you can see The Tailor as a hacker.

But more over and importantly, this is the perfect example for a guerilla marketing blog! I got this very uncle of mine, CIO of Finnlines, and was pushing him towards learning the art of modern networked PR. My very first suggestion - because it isn't costly and "just works" in propelling the company over its current horizon - was: "Start a blog! You first and then your PR-girl! Start a blog!"

Well, it seems, that it's hard to convince people working in non-geeky firms to use geeky technology for whatever, if it just isn't absolutely necessary or 'everybody else does it'. But hey, a company in finland (electronical communication's promised land) should get the point! At least my very favourite Tailor did!

And he does everything right! He blogs about the art he's in, he also blogs about his competition, he blogs a little about his personal life, he never gets aggresive on other kinds of tailoring(even mass production).

And if I ever happen to win in the lottery and decide that now is the time to buy a really good suit, I'll remember this guy somewhere on Savile Row, who gave me so beautiful insights into his work and environment. And after that his new customer is just a click away...

Well, I think, this post belongs to the said to be dead art of Metablogging. If you don't know what I'm talking about, gapingvoid.com again can help you:


Published on Thu 07 of Apr, 2005

Just wanted to share with all yours out there, that I finally made a WLAN-VPN-connection from my Püppi's ThinkPad?. Finally, yeah, darn, it took some time... not too easy, doin' it with a Kubuntu I don't know.

So, here's a random thought:
Switch to Gentoo as fast as you can!!

Yeah, I hear all you Debian'ers: "We've got apt-get, that's as good as havin' portage and I save the compile time. And we're oh-so-proudly-GNU!" BLAH!
I'll show you, that you're not the purest of religions! (btw. aptitude is cool, nevertheless portage is better ;) )
Like most of you know: with Gentoo you got all the things you want and how you want them. Building from source is really nice for speed freaks ("Hey, I use -O3 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer" - "Really?! And your code still does what it's supposed to?!?"). It's also pretty good for the ones, who like to boast about doin' everything themselves(chances are, you'll never talk to a guy runnin' a LFS-System ;) ). But the one best thing is: it's the best that can happen to a community(or should I say THE community?)!

Building from source forces you to use open standards, to think of interoperability, to communicate with your peers. I can get support directly from the upstream developers without a hassle - because I use their code. I can count on the bug-reports of the upstream developers - because I use their code. My distro's team is 'only' relevant for the things that break in my distro, not in the parts of it. For my kernel there's kernel.org, for my desktop there's kde.org and so on. Solve the problem there, where it came from, not in your Debian/SuSE/Mandrake or whatever forum, you feel connected to!

Use the power of the network in the spirit of true openness!!

Gentoo is a Meta-Distribution?, with a Meta-Community? and that's how it's supposed to be. If your reason not to use Gentoo is, that the developers have become as arrogant as the Debian-folks, why not try SourceMage, the concept matters! And I'm looking forward to the future, when compile-time equals untar-time... bye, bye, distribution-concept!

Published on Thu 07 of Apr, 2005

... yes, I did!
And gapingvoid.com had the right cartoon for this case.


Published on Thu 07 of Apr, 2005

What were the free people doing?
What are the free people doing?
What will the free people do?

Eventually the revolutionaries become the established culture,
and then what will they do?

- Linus Torvalds

I could draw a thin red line;
some are good, some are evil.

But I won't!!!

Most people that 'know', that they know better,
really only know, that they currently know better!

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