I'm a morcego-dev now, too

Published on Sat 17 of Dec, 2005

I came to it, like the virgin to the child (as we say in germany).

[15:02:55] amette_: where is the morcego source btw?
[15:03:06] batawata: for creating a new tab, for example, you make an object that extends tab
[15:03:20] batawata: there's one copy at tw cvs :-)
[15:03:30] batawata: but we use svn at arca.ime.usp.br
[15:03:41] batawata: want a developer account? :-)
[15:03:49] amette_: ok, thanks - didn't look that closely - just yesterday thought, it would be good to have a look :)
[15:03:56] amette_: hmm... why not!? ;)

morcego is the 3D-browser, that is e.g. used for browsing Tiki Wiki-pages in 3D and since lately also the freetags, see here. It's written in Java, developed in SVN and built using maven.

There's a lot of new stuff for me to learn! :)

I once wrote in a paper of mine, that the theory of scale-free networks will be important for the future understanding and development of Open Source. With morcego, we are getting nearer to this. batawata already implemented morcego browsing of the TikiWiki friendship network with a little workaround to get clumps resolved. This is some very fascinating material to work on! Surely it will take me a lot of time to get into morcego-coding, but I see big things coming at the horizon! :D

UPDATE: I added the mentioned paper to the file gallery. It's german sadly, but don't worry - it's scientifically crap! :P Never the less a short, fun read for in between. amette_HSIM_20030606.pdf

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