With what granularity to tag...?

Published on Mon 19 of Dec, 2005

I realized it from the previous post - it had e.g. postfix and smtp tags in it. What will one later on search for? And wouldn't you just go classic searching for your keywords? Would tagging it smtp have been the best? Or would just mail have been even better? Folksonomy basically works, when there are lots of people using it, I try to substitute it by just wildly tagging myself. But I'm not too sure, if that will be a sustainable method. I'm already thinking of unlearning heuristics like:

  • suggest tags that have been used lately
  • suggest tags that are mostly used
  • combination of above
  • (semi)automatic renaming of tags based on clumps in the network

Especially the last one looks interesting and promising. We will need a "My FreeTags"-section in MyTiki anyways - and that need grows bigger and bigger with everyday usage.
Although I thought of some moderate rewrite of MyTiki some earlier already, I don't think, that this will be the moment for it. Perhaps even some tiki-freetags_admin.php with good perm-checking could do it... hard to say, I'd like to see it integrated in MyTiki. Well, I already figured out the admin-screen stuff, why not check out the MyTiki.. ;)

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