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Published on Tue 27 of Dec, 2005

"Home is there, where I feel like it!"

I don't know, who said that first, but (s)he's right!

After having been persuaded to do it, I was at my parents place for christmas. I didn't feel really at home all the time. Well, that means, that I had some good days, but all the time this little splinter was in my brain, telling me: "You are not appreciated here as an individual!" I was very careful this time not to tell of my believes, not to tangent thematics, that might be controversial. Of course every now and then there were thematics, which could be seen from different angles. We were able to master those topics considerably. And again of course there was no movement towards the other side - this time, because it just wasn't talked about.
At first I wanted to move out again at 25.12. towards home. But my parents got me interested in the food offered at Antoniushütte, a restaurant already mentioned in germany's leading culinarists magazine "Der Feinschmecker". I'm a fan of indulgences of any flavour - be it food, wine, cigars or whatever - so I turned in after two days of thinking about it - mistake! Not that my parents would have been bad hosts or anything like that!!! (Well, one could have appreciated and honoured the - very excellent - food some more, well, fuckit, doesn't matter!). But the additional two days of stay again brought bad mood and a fight on the last day (it's always like that, if I stay for too long :( ).

Well, now I'm finally back home and it makes me happy! I know, that I won't have senseless fights here!

Yes - home is there, where you feel like it!

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