Tiki AJAXification round two

Published on Fri 03 of Feb, 2006

My before mentioned 'evening-project' took an important step forward today. I looked at the code some time and then decided to make the cut today. I split off the genereric pagination part and began building AJAX-pagination into another simple listing used in Tiki(namely Admin->Quicktags, so no demo here, sorry - but I have some leftover business there, so it was a good place to start). It is still buggy, but that special bug was to be expected. The real goal of this is, to make it completely generic. Big task, not easy - and I'm surely not going to think about tracker-listings yet.. ;)
Going the eXtreme Programming way:

  1. Do the simplest thing, that might possibly work
  2. Refactor
  3. Iterate ;)

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