The holy grail of CSS-based knowledge-lodging coming to TikiWiki

Published on Wed 22 of Mar, 2006

My bro created *lite! (pronounce: "star light" - that's the wildcard). According to him *lite! means: "<whatever> & Life Is That Easy" - nice, but I think, that he makes it himself too easy here! ;)
In my humble opinion lite is a good name, since it's an ancestor of simple, so there's a nice connection. But on top lite makes for some great doubly recursive acronym:

Lodging Information ))Technology-Exempt(( Is That Easy

Why that makes sense? Because Lite is the holy grail of a CSS-based, source-ordered three column layout with floating divs. All clear? ;)
Information presented in this layout will be accessible by all kinds of technologies, for search engines, screen-readers for disabled people, text-browsers etc. Let's throw in µFormats and fix those damn mid-column templates of Tiki! And the philosophy of lite, giving it away for free, fits the possibilities, that it gives.

It works in all major browsers and the style sheet is really simple. It will still undergo some testing before going to ))TikiWiki-HEAD((, but there's no doubt, that it will be the true heir to simple.css.

Go have a look!

Good work! Congrats, bro! :)

btw - my first external trackback with this post :)
UPDATE: Due to problems with my bro's hoster and weirdness in Tiki trackback-code, you won't see the trackback in his blog-post.

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