Got a response from the DemExp people

Published on Wed 31 of May, 2006

After I blogged about the DemExp, I thought, it would be fair to let them know and posted to their mailing list. Again, I think it's fair to publish the answer here:

Mail answer from DemExp
Re: Thumbs Up
David MENTRE <dmentre@linux-france.org>  (none)
Alexander Mette <mail@alexandermette.de>
Gestern 22:24:52
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Hello Alexander,

Alexander Mette <mail@alexandermette.de> writes:

> I just discovered your site and want to say, that you have a great project 
> there! :)

Thank you. I would like to underline that the delegation system is, as
far as I know, not implemented in any other system and is probably one
of the most interesting part of demexp.

The links you provide on other systems are useful, I did not know them.

> But some criticism popped to my mind immediately. It's computer-centrical, but 
> I want to let you know never the less. I blogged it here:
> http://alexander-mette.de/tiki-view_blog_post.php?blogId=1&postId=240

And also thank you for the criticisms. No system is perfect and it is
nice to have potential user with a fresh look on it.

Regarding your criticisms:

 * We have no project wide RSS-feed but we have a demexp-announce
   mailing list[1]. All[2] our mailing lists are archived on Gmane[3]
   that provides RSS feeds. And the two wikis (en/ and fr/) have RSS
   feeds. And my own blog[4] also has an RSS feed. Maybe be we should
   start a demexp Planet with all those feeds ;-)

 * Our first *prototype* is centralized because, well, it is much easier
   to design and implement. It does not mean that the underlying
   concepts could not be applied to a distributed system. We would
   welcome any distributed implementation;

 * Regarding Glasnost, it was a Free Software (GNU GPL IIRC) implemented
   by the Easter Eggs company. Easter Eggs has discontinued support of
   Glasnost and is apparently continuing development of a "Glasnost II"
   but, as far as I know, it is not Free Software (or at least not
   available to the wide public). I don't have much more news than that.

And, as a general note, we are currently lacking any security
feature. This is a deliberate choice: we want to have a well defined
system before finding threat models and means to solve those threats.

Best wishes,

[1]  http://demexp.org/en/doku.php?id=mailing_lists

[2]  Except demexp-announce@, we should fix that.

[3]  http://dir.gmane.org/search.php?match=demexp

[4]  http://www.linux-france.org/~dmentre/blog/

pub  1024D/A3AD7A2A 2004-10-03 David MENTRE <dmentre@linux-france.org>
 5996 CC46 4612 9CA4 3562  D7AC 6C67 9E96 A3AD 7A2A

I want to thank David for the answer and let this mail be uncommented here.

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