Back from Finland

Published on Mon 19 of Jun, 2006


I have been to finland with my Püppi. Yep, didn't tell you before, but it was some pretty short-handed decision. My grandfather invited us and since last thursday (and friday) Yvonne had a holiday, it was a perfect occassion to use. We had some very tight programme there. First day five hours Helsinki extreme-tourist-guiding, then to Lappeenranta. There again one day the same, next day a little chillier and in the evening to the weekend home of my grandfather staying there over night. Next day eating Atomi and Vety on the market-place, some more sight-seeing and to the party of an old friend in the evening. Sunday then was mostly chill-out and it actually was almost impossible to move outside, because it was so hot! And on monday we already left around 0800 o'clock.

Pictures are to come - though there aren't any pictures of the weekend home! :O
Yvonne wanted to take pictures and I also promised my bro to take pictures there, but then Yvonne was so taken by the peace and beauty of the place and I was so relaxed, too - that we completely forgot about it - sorry! :-/

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