Needed to replace my graphics card

Published on Mon 03 of Jul, 2006

Yesterday my graphics card died. I came back to my computer and the image was dark, blurry and overall erronous. After some switching of monitors and graphics cards with my flat-sharers computer I concluded, that it's the graphics card. Currently I'm having my flat-sharers graphics card in my computer since he is away this whole week. But I had to buy a new one, since my flatsharer sadly needs his computer, too. ;)

So after some thinking and doing and stuff, I decided to go with an nvidia based card again - MSI NX6200AX-TD128LF. The GeForce 6200AX chipset is an AGP version (indicated by the X)of the 6200 series, which was first only made for PCIe. The A indicates some enhancement over the standard 6200 and that's also, why I decided for this card. I didn't find much tests of those cards, but two DooM3 benchmarks of cards with the 6200(Q?) and 6200A chipsets. And they indicate a serious performance-boost for the A-series. On some russian site I found a benchmark of the MSI-card and it was over 50 frames per second with AntiAliasing and anisotropic filtering. Seems like the not needed PCIe-to-AGP bridge in the X-version really pays off. ;) Since DooM3 is for now the only game of interest to me and around 30 frames with the smaller 6200 without AA and AF are not to guarantee a great gaming-experience, I decided to put the extra 15 bucks in and go with the 6200AX.

Let's hope, that my bang-for-the-buck calculation works. In the nvidia-kernel README-file I don't find explicit mention of the 6200AX....

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