Got the room :)

Published on Thu 20 of Jul, 2006

w00t - I really am a damn lucky bastard! :P

I just got a call, that I can move into the flatsharer community of my diploma colleague. So let me introduce to you two new people in my life:

  • Rieke "head of counsel"
    • the longest in the flat
    • studies bio-informatics (I hope I remember that right... met so many students... :O )
  • Matthias "eight-characters-or-you-got-it-wrong"
    • student from Ilmenau
    • writing diploma thesis at LivingLogic

Both are really nice, I'm sure, I'll have a good time there! My room isn't too huge, but I want to minimize my stuff anyways. ;)
On the other hand the flat is really cozy, big kitchen, balcony, only three minutes to work by foot! :)

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