BT-stuff gets rollin'

Published on Sun 23 of Jul, 2006

Ok, so from now on I'll tag everything concerning Bayreuth with BT (which is their car code plate). And I guess, that everything LivingLogic will beome 'll', but we'll see about that still... (/me still sincerely hopes to get tagging right in Tiki, so he might give others the right to tag stuff).

Matthias was here today and we talked about my (our) move to Bayreuth and it goes very well so far. We can even use my biiiig closet in the hall of our new flat. So now my biggest concern won't be to talk my next tenant into taking all that old stuff of me, but to make him not want it. ;)

And Yvonne was here today, she was visiting her parents and before leaving came here for some hours. Only some hours, but it was great! :)

So, if I now only get the last stuff of my studies done for what I need to be in Ilmenau - then everything's 'aligned' all right! :D

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