Copyright isn't really different from what I thought....

Published on Wed 26 of Jul, 2006

... at least after reading for my IT-legislation test on thursday. Only that now I know, where to find it in the german law. Doesn't help me either really... since in the test only matters to have a certain scheme for solving the cases. Need to learn by heart a lot tomorrow (today actually, it's late again). But anyways..

.. I found an interesting definition, which translates somehow freely:

Open Source
Concessing distribution-, copying- and modifying-rights in the sense of a simple usage-right on one condition by addressing the communalty.

.. let me just juxtapost this with the Free Software Foundations definition (/me cheats from his card):

Free Software
Your software shall grant you these freedoms:
# to run for any purpose
# to study and adapt to your needs
# to redistribute, so you can help others
# to release improvements, so everyone benefits

.. yes, the last one is important.

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