Got inspired by a kid

Published on Fri 06 of Apr, 2007

I really got into biking again and so I today took my bike and just rode through the city looking for some jumps, stairs and fun. There is a stairway, that I once drove down on way to work - but only the first landing. There come some four or five landings after that, which are closer to each other and so the fear-factor rises there.. ;)

Today I then thought, I'll have a look at it again. And while I was riding in that direction a kid cruised besides me and asked me: "Are you going to ride down those stairs?" I honestly answered: "Not all of them." Which resulted in the trivial answer: "I do!" Well, after I got past the first landing and the little boy was already riding down the second one just saying: "I do brake though...". When I then looked at the next stairs I only thought: 'hmm, not so much different than the ones before....' and got going. And it really was no issue, just my style doesn't feel smooth, which is a pity. That's also why I never really like riding stairs - it's a necessity in city-biking, but I can't make it feel or look smooth... well, gotta work on that. At least I stopped completely in between the landings and kept standing on my bike thinking of how to change style for the next one... looks like I'm finally progressing on my bike again! :)

Those kids are awesome, they don't think much of consequences and they just do. I was really thankful to meet him there today to show me the way...

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