Finally got my new(old) bike

Published on Mon 07 of Jul, 2008

I think I didn't blog it, but last year I broke the frame of my brand new bike. Then I was thinking weeks and months about what frame to buy and where to get it cheap. And again Lars then came to help me and just gave me some pretty no-name frame as a gift - but that frame was basically just what I was looking for. Pretty much the same geometry as my old one, but with a steeper top tube.

Well, then it took me again weeks and months to bring that frame to my beloved bike-shop here in Bayreuth to get it sand blasted and newly laquered. And then it took again some weeks until it was finished (this time not my fault ;) ). And now finally, just some hours ago I could fetch it from the bike shop!! :)

And this thing is just sooo gorgeous, you won't believe. It is so easy to bunny-hop - I'm really amazed. Some fine-tuning still has to be done, but the basic concept is again under my butt and rideable. For some images see http://amette.eu/gallery13

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