Crowdsourced journalism makes sense of CableGate

Published on Fri 17 of Dec, 2010

/via crowdleak.net

"Operation: Leakspin" was renamed "CrowdLeak", which in my humble opinion is not such a good name for what it does. It surely does make it sound more respectable, but gives me totally wrong associations about what it does.

Anyways.. the idea behind it is just the right thing to do! The information that WikiLeaks publishes needs to be made accessible to as many people as possible - otherwise it is worthless information. And I'm not just talking about the technical side like mirroring WikiLeaks, I mean lowering any barrier to accessing the content. Diplomatic Cables are not necessarily a joy to read. "With the summarization, translation and publication of cables, we are able to reach the masses by using a method known as ‘crowd journalism.’"1

So when OPLeakSpin on Twitter asked for CrowdSupport to make their website more easily accessible...

Crowdsupport: everybody please register the www.crowdleak.** domain (of your country) and set the (A) record to #crowdjournalism

... I didn't hesitate too long and registered http://crowdleak.de and http://crowdleak.eu. I provide infrastructure, that's what I do. Other guerillas do other jobs and we all together make sense of CableGate for everyone. "The crowdsourced movement is grassroots. It is news created for, and by, you."2

Go Anonymous, go!!

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