#tassebier and @cbase - second round to world-domination! :)

Published on Tue 01 of Feb, 2011


After the enormous success of #tassebier at #WikiFest it was obvious that we couldn't wait a whole year to repeat that. Luckily then the transmediale seems to co-happen at my favorite space station and people thought that a #tassebier is a good thing to have. :)

So tomorrow again and better and cooler!
DJ Walter Marinelli again, as well as DJ _Tasmo (the man whose name tais glitch). Tanith, who at #WikiFest dropped by as a guest. And @das_kfmw will be presenting his CC-licensed Album live! Whomever is still standing after that: Saetchmo will finish him off! ;)

World-domination of the #tassebier will again be one step closer after tomorrow evening! And it applies as always: who wasn't there, missed it! ;)

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