Art.on.Wires 2011

Published on Sun 26 of Jun, 2011
From 25-29 May 2011 some friends organized the second edition of the Art.on.Wires festival in Oslo. Location and mission of the festival sounded amazing: "Art.on.Wires is a laboratory for creative individuals who inhabit the terrain between electronic culture, visual arts and networked technology."

The four most important things I learned there (see images):

  1. Only thing you need additionally to your normal baggage is an Aloksak full of PowerBars to survive in the world's most expensive city
  2. The festival was amazing and the setup for the evening program just as well
  3. Everything, really everything in the world is held together by Duct Tape - even the opera of Oslo
  4. The more expensive alcohol gets, the more binge drinking is seen as a sport (well, actually that was more a reassurance - knowing that from Finland already.. ;) )

I am really interested in going again to Oslo and not only to see more wicked art installations made from computers, cameras, projectors and sand from a children's playground at the next Art.on.Wires Festival... ;)
.. but also to do some gourmet tourism! A flight from BLN costs just about nothing (20€ both directions) and basically you can already turn around at the airport after having bought decent reindeer and salmon in the tax free shop. Invest some Euros in the airport shuttle and you get a nice daytrip in a lovely city on top. With the PowerBar-trick and a bit of Sisu you don't even need a place to sleep... ;)

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