TikiFest Montreal/Ottawa 2013

Published on Thu 01 of Aug, 2013

From April 11-22 2013 there was the longest TikiFest ever, spreading over two locations with more than 20 participants. Wickedly good experience even though I wasn't on top of my game. Yet it helped again to get myself more connected to the Tiki community. I now know faces and personalities belonging to IRC handles that have been close collaborators for over seven years - and it was a blast! It enabled me to sync up with the mindset of the most proficient contributors to Tiki. And it was a lovely time with like-minded people.

Did my first Geocaching ever. Discovered Canada this way and also by just travelling around. I really do like Canada and it is a lovely nation to be in. I'll be back for sure and if it's just for finally getting a train ride there (mine was cancelled and I had to take the replacement bus service - which is a "discovering Canada" story of its own).

Thanks to everyone who made this possible! :)

Pictures to follow.

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