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amette & biking Images of amette's bikes and related stuff Mon 11 of Aug, 2008 20:23 CEST 22 List
amette 2009 What I could look like in 2009.. Tue 13 of Jan, 2009 02:49 CET 10 List
amette's Screenshots screenshots of daily work or just quaint Tue 25 of Mar, 2008 03:41 CET 8 List
BMAG NBG Cluster The insaneously big Cluster of the Boersenmedien AG in Nürnberg, which was built and driven by LivingLogic Tue 25 of Mar, 2008 03:41 CET 13 List
Finland 2006 amette in Finland since a long time... Tue 13 of Jan, 2009 00:20 CET 51 List
Finland 2006 friends Pictures from Püppi and amette visiting amette's grandfather in 2006, that are meant to be only seen by amette's friends Tue 25 of Mar, 2008 03:58 CET 8 List
general stuff Images used for this and that on this site Sun 23 of Feb, 2014 09:19 CET 2 List
hoerschaden.de boot 2008 hoerschaden.de Party in Berlin 2008 starting with a cruise on the Spree, going to [http://www.kikiblofeld.de/|Kiki Blofeld] and having a nap in the park on the next day. Tue 03 of Jun, 2008 00:26 CEST 42 List
images of amette of and from amette Thu 28 of May, 2009 20:17 CEST 13 List
LivingLogic Images connected to amette's work at LivingLogic in Bayreuth Tue 25 of Mar, 2008 03:44 CET 0 List
TikiFest Porto 2008 Images from WikiSym/TikiFest2008 in Porto, Portugal Sun 14 of Sep, 2008 18:40 CEST 80 List
TikiFest Strasbourg 2008 The 2008 TikiFest at the European Council Sun 20 of Jul, 2008 14:37 CEST 94 List
WG Stollen Dissolvement Pictures from the WG Stollen dissolvement party in 2006-09-16 Tue 25 of Mar, 2008 03:45 CET 31 List

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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