Had a good coding session

Published on Fri 16 of Dec, 2005

Tiki Freetag Folksonomy Tagging (TFFT ;) ) is now a full-blown feature in 1.10 HEAD. It has pretty much everything, that it needs:

  • feature
  • perms
  • Admin screen

On top of that you can really check out HEAD and use it - and even FreeTags is a stable feature. It's really different compared to the times, when I started with Tiki - back then HEAD was hell. An installation of it gave you already at least five errors on the homepage.

Thanks to batawata for bootstrapping folksonomy in Tiki (well, I did that - but he did the coding ;) )!

It's hard to guess, how long this took. Bata had an 18h session to get 3D-browsing etc. working, I today around 6h for making it a complete feature. Bata does a lot in between and he did the rewrite of the FreeTag-library. I think, we are around the 2-man-week-mark right now.
Not bad...

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