Trollparty is 'over'...

Published on Wed 01 of Feb, 2006

... since three days now - and actually it's not really over. On IRC the people still meet and already start talking about the next Trollparties. It seems, that south-america will be a hotspot for the next trollings... ;)

I for my part had a pretty good troll in TikiWiki CVS improving freetag-browsing with AJAX to make sort- and searchable paginated listings of results. On Saturday I decided to stay awake longer after I discovered the Troll-techno-party-live-stream with MC acracia (Yes, she apparantly has some Ragga-skills, too ;) ).

I have to dive into learning now, tests are approaching at an incredible speed. One and a half week to go..

That AJAX stuff has gotten pretty good though (ehem, self-praise, yeah, but I like the stuff ;) ) and I am eager to code it further. It will be my evening-project, hopefully I get my time sorted and my problems with falling asleep, too.

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