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Published on Fri 17 of Feb, 2006

The world in which you live, the soil you stand and walk on, the city you call your home, the shape of the continent you roam - who made them?

  1. God
  2. The EU or it's member states
  3. Big Bang
  4. Natural emergence

Well, I admit, that you might choose different answers, but I hope, that no one answered "The EU".

Geographical data is given, like coastlines - or created by a huge network of collaborating humans, like states and cities. It concernes everybody and somehow no-one at all, as it seems. Well, at least we can say, that it doesn't belong to anybody - except for god, the big bang or [Fill in anything, that fits your believes].

The EU at least seems to look a bit differently at this issue after several rounds of its complicated, pyramidal and inefficient decision process.

If you don't think, that legislation should give governments the copyright of what belongs to everyone - then make your opinion count:

Petition for Public Access to Geographic Data in Europe

Sign this petition and not only help preserve your rights, but also show, that there are people who care about what the government does! Show them, that there are ways to collaborate with a huge amount of human beings!
The day will come, when people proposing free access to information will be heard right from the beginning. Let's defend our rights and speed this up..!

I'm No. 502 - you can still make it to be one of the first 1000! ;)

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