Perfect sharing for explicit knowledge?

Published on Wed 15 of Feb, 2006

It has been some days now, that krugle has been announced. But this could really be an interesting step towards the idea of global knowledge sharing. I haven't yet grasped, how krugle will technically do, what it promises - but it is a huge and interesting mission. Making code searchabe, annotatable and accessible to anyone - wherever that code resides or was invented. Google has gone evil since some time now - and if no free alternative arises, krugle supposably will, too! Or it will be bought by Google - which doesn't make any difference!
Never the less I'm eager to see the technology behind it and the site working. :)

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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