I'm nearly a free man now ;)

Published on Fri 31 of Mar, 2006

So today was the "European Legislation" test, which I feared pretty much - this morning I was pretty sure still, that I won't make it.

But well, it went pretty nicely, with a lot of questioning in the beginning about the development of the European Union. I could pretty much gather points here. After that there was a case to solve, which was really a difficult one. I could have never made it alone, but luckily we were three examinees, so that the work distributed on the three of us. And the other two were pretty good in that, so I only had to add a little bit here and there.. ;)

So, after the 4 in the written part, I got a 2,3 in this oral test today. Pretty good, so today is holiday! The rest I have to do regarding my studies is pretty fun stuff, so I don't bother any more too much. :)

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