Carrying my alcohol home on sonic waves

Published on Fri 21 of Apr, 2006

Every year there are the jazz days in Ilmenau, with a lot of different jazz acts from around the world. I went there the first time about five years ago and immediately loved it. Jazz isn't something I necessarily listen to at home - but in some club atmosphere it is just great! And yesterday it was just amazing!! :)

Gutbucket are a 'Punk-Jazz' band from New York. Punk Jazz sounds like coined just for them - and hell yeah: it fits! Currently they are on their 'Sludge Test' tour and stopped by in Ilmenau. With the band and tour name, you gotta concede some skills in wordplays to them. (Gutbucket actually is the bucket in which people used to carry alcohol home, but also a music instrument and also... well, see the logo on the Gutbucket-homepage ;) )
They started slow and pretty melodic sounding like Dog Eat Dog at first. This is surely due to the Saxophone and my lack of being music-savvy, but I think, this claim can be upheld. ;)
When the drummer began thrashing on his drums like Metallica's Lars Ulrich in 'One', I was completely sold at the latest. We finished out cigarettes and beer and moved forward to the stage only to see the Tom Morello of the saxophone. His fingers were unbelievably quick and he was jumping up and down and around all the time - just much smoother than Tom Morello. ;)
There were a lot of comparisons now, but those guys have a style of their own and they quickly showed it. From extremely jazzy cacophony to energetic melodic to the very silent tones there was everything. Combined with the very rocky, punky drums and guitar, that sounded just great! I couldn't get the smile out of my face all the time and already feared sore face muscles (which I actually can feel a little bit right now). Gutbucket were a real evening saver and worth every cent.
I bought a CD afterwards and got autographs from all four of them on it. Additionally I had a fun argument with the drummer about the Star Wars prequels - he really thinks, they are good!? Pfff... at least we agreed immediately on Fightclub being a great movie!

So, people, if you get a chance - go see Gutbucket!! Those guys rock! :)

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