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Published on Wed 17 of May, 2006

... so no blog post in almost a month now. What was up?

I was at LinuxTag 2006. And I couldn't blog from there, because the f#*$ing vServer hosting this iste just plain sucks (and I didn't come up with just rebooting it from the provider's web-interface - the Linux-isn't-rebooted-attitude is deep in me ;) ).

I was visiting Püppi at her new home in Düsseldorf for the first time. And while I was there, I noticed, that I missed ))LinuxTag(( completely. It was just in the week after the weekend, where I was in Düsseldorf. So I booked a hotel on short term and just went there. I also ordered a TikiWiki shirt from my spreadshirt-shop and let them sent it directly to my hotel - that worked out very well and now I really know, what that shop is good for! :P

LinuxTag itself was pretty disappointing. Nearly everybody said, that it was worse than last year. I'm not going into detail here - and I'm really sorry for not having blogged during it! :(

The major highlight perhaps was the keynote of Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth - he's a really charismatic guy - just the type of people we need for promoting Open Source!

After LinuxTag I was in Düsseldorf again for a couple of days and then came back to Ilmenau. Need to do some university stuff again - so that I finally get to do some real work soon. ;)

Perhaps the worst about my non-blogging during LinuxTag is, that I won't have my own diary-entries to read back in some years... LinuxTag was fun after all and there surely were some nice anecdotes to tell - but I can't recall them now already, which really is a pity.. :-/

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