Most screenshots gone from this blog

Published on Wed 17 of May, 2006

I used to be hosted at http://bergwerk-medien.de before I moved to this crappy vServer. And I also had my screenshots saved there. And out of lazyness (need to adjust my scripts, need to set it up on the vServer, need to muddle around in the Tiki-database to fix links), I didn't move the screenshot-hosting to the vServer yet. Bergwerk-Medien mostly wanted me to go, because they claimed, that Tiki is responsible for their database-corruptions. I fixed that problem as quickly as possible by moving away (and I never experienced database corruptions with Tiki being the culprit).

And some months later that made the admin think, that he can just nuke my homedir on their server. Thanks a lot for the hospitality and not asking beforehand! (Well, my user with his remaining couple of kilobytes homedir was considered 'rank growth' - thanks again!)

So, now I have seven blog-posts (luckily not as much as I thought) with dead links to screenshots. Great! I try to provide permalinks. I use Tiki's internal cache for external HTML, so that you can even later on read exactly, what I was referring to. And now the stuff breaks, which I was providing 'myself' - because someone was in 'clean-up mood'.

I wonder, what the "conclusive backup concept" is, that they promote on their homepage?!?

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