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Added all available RSS-Feeds as links in the header

blog post
I finally found out, why Konqeror never discovered the RSS-Feeds on TikiWiki pages. That was actually a no-brainer. The content-type of the RSS-Feeds was set to 'application/xml', which is no correct  

Added another microformat

blog post
I use rel-license since a pretty long time now and when I heard of hCard , I wanted to try it out immediately. But for se  

Added GeoURL to my site

blog post
Today I decided, that I should really add ))Meta-Keywords((. And while going to the Tiki configuration dialog for it, I found, that there are also possibilities to add GeoURL Meta  

Basically I'm ready to blog again....

blog post
Yes, last two posts should have told the most important stories of the last weeks... ... I again was procrastinating a lot - so I now made a roundhouse-kick to handle the most important stuff - and n  

Canceled the root server purchase

blog post
Yes, I canceled it, while the 30 day test period was running. I wasn't satisfied with their support at all. Actually I was amazed, that I needed their support the very first weekend and everything was  

Created a blogroll-module for TikiWiki

blog post
I lately got a bit into Tiki-coding again. And when I today decided to clean up the subscriptions in my aKregator, I also quickly decided, that it's time to create a blogroll-module for Tiki. You can  

Enabled registrations - feel free to comment

blog post
It doesn't work completely as I wanted, but well... I know myself, if I don't do it now, I won't do it at all. I'll try to incrementally make it better. ;) Ah, what? Registrations! :) Click on [/log  

Finally I have an amette domain :D

blog post
Yup, yup, you can reach this site by http://amette.eu now. For now it's only a redirect to alexander-mette.de. I don't feel, that .eu represents me better than .de. Though amette is still better th  

german-bash.org got RSS Feeds back :)

blog post
Yup, my Püppi discovered this and that's for sure the best thing since ice moulds for the refrigerator. It was also a good occassion to test the [http://alexander-mette.de/tiki-view_blog_post.php?  

Google coped well with the change to amette.eu

blog post
Right after the change I dropped out of google completely, but now approximately two weeks later, I'm ranking higher than before. I'm again on the second page of google  

Most screenshots gone from this blog

blog post
I used to be hosted at http://bergwerk-medien.de before I moved to this crappy vServer. And I also had my screenshots saved there. And out of lazyness (need to adjust my scripts, need to set it up o  

Moved this site completely to amette.eu

blog post
amette.eu is from now on the official domain for this site. I waited too long already with this change and now that it's done - the new short URLs look really good :) [http://amette.eu/blog|http://  

My first external trackback! :D

blog post
Woohoo, with the previous post I trackbacked pixelsebi's blog. The trackback in his blog doesn't look too nice (it has just "blog" as title of the trackback), but man,  

Need to blog again...

blog post
... I tried putting things to blog on my to do list and when I have some time, then I'll blog about it. Yeah, it only helps procrastinating! :P The only thing, that helps: blog it immediately. S  

One got back to bloggin' - apparently.....

blog post
Sssoooooo.... here are posts again... and with high frequency.... .... you get to read something again...?!?? Dunno... really... I got very busy with my work and at the same time my virtual Ser  

Ordered a Root Server

blog post
Today I wanted to do an 'aptitude update' to get the latest packages and it wasn't possible because of too many concurrent open files. After shutting down the mail-servers I could finally update the p  

People start to get the web... ;)

blog post
Now this is exactly how it should be: draft: social network filter for nearly everything @ pixelsebi's repository .  

Performancing is watching you

blog post
One of the services I signed up with are the Performancing Metrics . I'm for sure not the target group, but I'm interested! ;) So, you're being tracked by som  

Registration rampage for the sake of distribution

blog post
Before new years eve I was thinking about what I could make my new years promise. I came up with a very good one(which I then didn't recall on new years eve ;) ): be more fatalist ! I have been cl  

Site overhaul

blog post
I have been pretty busy lately, even if it perhaps doesn't look like it. This site got rearranged, at least under the hood. What you can see, are: Search Engine Friendly URLs finally throughout t  
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