Ordered a Root Server

Published on Fri 19 of May, 2006

Today I wanted to do an 'aptitude update' to get the latest packages and it wasn't possible because of too many concurrent open files. After shutting down the mail-servers I could finally update the package list. But then at the 'aptitude upgrade' Debian again wanted to downgrade the MySQL (I once experimented with different versions of it and aptitude never recovered from it).

Well, enough is enough....

.. I ordered a root server today. It was too late on friday, so I will get it next week and then I'll have some time to install Gentoo on it (it gets delivered with SuSE) and make myself at home before the vServer gets shut down.

I'm really looking forward to it! :)
Wish me luck - I'm usually not that lucky with buying hardware. Perhaps it helps, that I only rent it.. ;)

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