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And actually I don't reach any machines in my network any more

blog post
Normally I access my girlfriends media station just by doing: Access Püppi's Freevo # ssh igor But well.. the Fritz!Box kills that! Of course! Everybody knows! No-one w  

Dissolvement Party pictures are up

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You'll find them in the WG Stollen Dissolvement -gallery. I didn't yet annotate or rename them correctly, but I think you might want to have a first look at them. The ones beginning with  

Getting the full speed out of the 'new' connection - Fritz!Box isn't that cool...

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I have been suffering from a lame internet connection , since we got the new provider and the Fritz!Box. I just couldn't real  

Heavily compiling...

blog post
.. the last days I have been doing a lot of cleanup. You won't recognize my room any more.. ;) .. and computer cleanup. Currently doing heavy recompile of my machine. Taking USE="gtk gnome&qu  

IBM Laptops rock _big_ time!

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The day before yesterday 1630 cet My girlfriend is shocked, her laptop lost the "T"-key. It was broken out and a little stud was broken away from the key. "Püppi, be cool, I'll ca  

Installed the Fritz!Box

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It's a nifty little thing, plug it in and works - well, almost. But when it works, well then it works.. ;) Gatekeeper is suspended for now. Going in the net only by Fritz currently.  

Internet seems to be slower..

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.. with the Fritz!Box than with the good ol' gatekeeper. I always knew, that it makes sense to route with a real machine. So ok, keep that in mind, amette: "Set up the Gatekeeper again - and  

Leaving Ilmenau gets real

blog post
Today really is the last day on which I can do some preparing stuff for my move to Bayreuth(which will be tomorrow morning). I have been packing my books, CDs and DVDs into boxes - and found out, that  

Retrieval of Fritz!Box's honour ;)

blog post
I can reach the other machines on the network by their hostname. The Fritz!Box DHCP/Name-server does consider the hostnames given to the DHCP-clients. Only debian doesn't configure the DHCP-client  

The beginning of the end of WG Stollen

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Music: The Doors - The End (live in concert) amette and his flatsharer today terminated the lease contract for the six year old base of WG Stollen (EDIT: WG == FlatsharerCommunity). An era i  

We got the faster Internet now

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Sadly they can't provide us with 6000 DSL here. So now we have around 3000kBit downstream and 300 kBit upstream.  

WG Stollen honourably dissolved

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On Saturday was the last act of the WG Stollen in Ilmenau. Their headquater has been dissolved after more than 6 years. An era ended and a myth became immortal. WG Stollen started actually on Pöh  

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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