IBM Laptops rock _big_ time!

Published on Thu 15 of Dec, 2005

The day before yesterday 1630 cet
My girlfriend is shocked, her laptop lost the "T"-key. It was broken out and a little stud was broken away from the key. "Püppi, be cool, I'll call IBM!"

Call IBM service
amette: "Hello..." explains what happened.
woman: "Oh, damnit!"
amette: "Can we get another T ?"
woman: "No, we don't have spare keys. But we can send you a spare keyboard! Do you have the serial number?"
amette: "Yes, of course." Tells serial number
woman: "Ok, that laptop is now more than a year old, we need the invoice to make that as guarantee. You send it by mail or by fax?"
amette: "Fax, my scanner is broken."
woman: "Ok" Tells fax-number "So, have a nice day!"
amette: "Wait! Do you need the old keyboard back?"
woman (with a voice like she doesn't understand, what amette wants): "Ehm, no - that you can throw away yourself."
amette: "Ok, great, thanks - bye!"

amette puts in the T-key so that the keyboard can be used again. His girlfriends doesn't use it though and uses an external keyboard to be sure.
Sending the fax becomes a real pain with our new communication hardware and takes almost an hour. Three(!) minutes after getting out the fax, I have an email in my mailbox from IBM confirming the issue.

Today 1200 cet - amette is still in bed
The doorbell rings. amette's flatsharer opens the door. "There's a packet for amette!" Flatsharer gets the packet - it's from IBM. Püppi replaces the keyboard all by herself - and is sooo happy, you won't believe! ;)

So: Do I have to tell the other extreme? With Acer-laptops, that you have to bring to the electronics-store, where you bought them? And you may do that three times? And they don't get it repaired? - No, I don't think so! ;)

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