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Cooking water in a paper-cup is boring

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Much cooler it is to know such handy tricks, that are adapted to our times. Cooking an egg with cell-phones  

Finland gets bronze at the ice hockey world championship

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This one I just heard today from my bro. Czechs kicked out the Finns in the semi-finals. Then finns won against Canada 5-0 - not bad! ;) Czechs were in the final against Swedes. This should have been  

Finland wins the eurovision song contest

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Yes, the finnish band 'Lordi' won this years Eurovision Song Contest. I didn't follow the whole thing at all, but just some minutes ago Püppi called me to tell me, that we won and if I want to kno  

First true Open Source movie "Elephants Dream" released

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A preview appeared at youtube two days ago - and now it's there! Download it, submit your DVD order and get a good feeling, that there finally is an 'Open Source Toy Story'. ;) [http://orange.blend  

german-bash.org got RSS Feeds back :)

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Yup, my Püppi discovered this and that's for sure the best thing since ice moulds for the refrigerator. It was also a good occassion to test the [http://alexander-mette.de/tiki-view_blog_post.php?  

IRC is fun :D

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I'm just catching up with the happening while being away. TikiWiki CVS is done, Trollparty mailing-list, too - now I was just shortly looking. what happened on IRC #trollparty while being away - damn,  

m-conn - No comment

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One month of Play-Offs over and the game goes on

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So, I had holidays from 2008-04-01 until this week to do some hardcore thesis writing. And as corteousness and cautiousness demand, I began growing a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playoff_beard|Play-O  

Rebels and rules

blog post
I found a beautiful Haiku in a beautiful blog post on a blog, I was almost about to delete from my blogroll. But I tell ya, this is beautiful. {CODE(caption=>Haiku)} Rebels have to have rules of  

Star Trek Cribs

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You know the MTV show cribs, where celebrities show their homes? Well, Spock from Star Trek is on this show: Star Trek Cribs - The Director's Cut  

Tetris is the cold-war-story of software

blog post
There was just a BBC-documentary about Tetis on televison - and heck, that's the real story of cold war considering software. Not only because the original inventor didn't get much money out of it  

The definitive blonde joke

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It's perhaps the best ever! :) http://www.nilobject.com/?p=236  

Trolling gets rolling

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Today is the first official day of the Trollparty in Caracas . There were some problems with getting internet connection working etc., but the most important stuff seems  

Update on the amount of facial hair

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By request of my bro I post an update of my Play-Off beard. You can't really see it on the image, but believe me - that thing grows asymetric  

Who? flickr? - They're lame compared to me ;)

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Check it out yourself with the web 2.0 validator: http://web2.0validator.com/ Sorry, no deep link possible afaik. Just enter http://flickr.com yourself. Or try with with some link to an imag  

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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