Finland gets bronze at the ice hockey world championship

Published on Sun 21 of May, 2006

This one I just heard today from my bro. Czechs kicked out the Finns in the semi-finals. Then finns won against Canada 5-0 - not bad! ;)
Czechs were in the final against Swedes. This should have been the occassion for my bro's fellow countrymen to pay back the swedes our olympic loss. Hmpf - that didn't work out 4-0 for the swedes.

Damnit, they aren't capable of anything - but if it comes to ice hockey, then they are damn lucky bastards! ;P

First country ever to win ice hockey at the olympic games and at world championships in the same year - congrats SWE!

But we finns were more successful than ABBA at the eurovision song contest! ;)

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