An extreme rant on WCAG 2

Published on Wed 24 of May, 2006

.. can be found on the single most valuable site to website-developers ever: A list apart. Joe Clark has some very intriguing points to make about the process, the result and the nonsense about version two of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

I know, that I'm not even at XHTML compliance yet, but I also know, that e.g. blind people don't have to suffer, if they browse to my page!

I really want my page to be accessible for anybody - and now I can't even point some dumb-ass executives to a noteworthy resource about accessibility??

Did fuckin' purely presentational Flash and PDF really win?? (Yes, they are becoming accessible, but it's putting the cart before the horse!!)

Damnit - I was at a DVD store with my Püppi and surfing the web from her cell phone was a real enlightenment! My web page was eons better than imdb.com.

I am very thankful to my bro, who showed me the first light on this issue (and who created simple and now *lite for TikiWiki)! And I will (and he, for sure, too!) go on in a way, that promises accessibility to anybody!

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