The Root Server Setup takes much longer than expected

Published on Wed 24 of May, 2006

I expected, that they have always a couple of servers spare and if an order comes in, they just hack it into their system and the automagic starts: assign a server to a customer, copy the image of the desired system over, mail the customer the information. Well, that was a little blue-eyed.

I called them yesterday to ask about the status and they told me, that it takes between five and seven days. Wow! That's a lot longer than I though.. Well, no root-server during this week then, I think... ;)

This site got much faster never the less. I stopped the IMAP-server and it is immediately noticeable. Seems like the slowness came from the "too many open files in system". So you can pretty well run a Tiki on a vServer, but not much else additionally..

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