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Dissolvement Party pictures are up

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You'll find them in the WG Stollen Dissolvement -gallery. I didn't yet annotate or rename them correctly, but I think you might want to have a first look at them. The ones beginning with  

Leaving Ilmenau gets real

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Today really is the last day on which I can do some preparing stuff for my move to Bayreuth(which will be tomorrow morning). I have been packing my books, CDs and DVDs into boxes - and found out, that  

Room outlook package added to file gallery

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While chatting with lorinc today in #trollparty it turned out, that his dad has been studying here in Ilmenau, too! World is small! :) {CODE(caption=>#trollparty,wrap=>1,wiki=>0)} 12:25:0  

Trolling in Ilmenau

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Trollparty official day one was celebrated in Caracas today and it seems to have been pretty successful. I saw some of the stream @ http://hackitectura.net:8000/caracas.ogg and everything seemed to  

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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