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Published on Mon 16 of Jan, 2006

While chatting with lorinc today in #trollparty it turned out, that his dad has been studying here in Ilmenau, too! World is small! :)

12:25:03] lorinc - amette: do you live in ilmenau, or "only" studying?
[12:25:31] amette - only studying
[12:26:18] niclone [n=nicod@blurp.yi.org] hat #trollparty betreten
[12:26:20] lorinc - my father studied there as well some 30-40 years back ;) 
[12:26:31] lorinc - its a small world ;)
[12:26:33] amette - weee, kewl! :)
[12:26:35] lorinc - hi niclone
[12:26:37] amette - Yeah, really small! :)
[12:26:41] niclone - hola
[12:26:51] lorinc - he asked which "block" you were living in... ;)
[12:27:13] lorinc - i showed him our caracas webcam initiative ;)
[12:27:14] amette - I'm not living on Campus, but on "Stollen" - he'll know that, too! ;)
[12:27:51] amette - hehe, yeah, I'm sure, I'll recognize any block-image for my whole life, too! :)
[12:28:11] lorinc - r1: i dunno any well-paying jobs around, but i would recommend the feel of living in budapest, ;P
[12:28:34] lorinc - amette: i will tell him the "truth" ... he even wanted to see an outside shot ;)
[12:29:44] lorinc going out for lunch... brb
[12:32:10] amette - lorinc : hehe, ok, tell him ;)  - I'll provide you with an outside shot later! :)  - going for a smoke now

So here's a panorama-image package with additional location information - amette_room-outlook_20060116.tar.bz2 - dedicated to one of Ilmenau's pioneers! ;)

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