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A story about Debian creating physical pain - and Gentoo easing it

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You will have noticed, that this site is deeeaaaad-slow. Well, that's due to an Apache-restriction, I had to make, because of the vServer limits. There are only two processes serving you - and when th  

DistCC CrossCompiling a Gentoo Freevo Media Station

blog post
I wanted to do this since a long time, but always then procrastinated it. But next weekend Püppi's Igor Freevo ))MediaStation(( needs to be ready, because she comes to Ilm and wants to take it with h  

Heavily compiling...

blog post
.. the last days I have been doing a lot of cleanup. You won't recognize my room any more.. ;) .. and computer cleanup. Currently doing heavy recompile of my machine. Taking USE="gtk gnome&qu  

Installed Dovecot and Postfix

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Debian starts to annoy me like anything that tries to be smarter than me. Gentoo is a nice system sayin: "I'm just a distro, I'm dumb, tell me what you want!", but Debian tries to tell me, w  

KDE eating /home diskspace - Solved! :)

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Well, like I wrote before, I recompiled all my KDE packages without the debug USE-flag. Sadly that didn't help anything! :( As a matter of fact it even managed to run my new HDD full - with 270 GB of  

Lost a harddisk

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Yeah, this actually happened two days ago... I lost /root and /usr. Luckily and just by accident I had a backup of /usr, but not /usr/lib (living on another disk). I can use my machine, the libs se  

Maintain often, maintain early...

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Yes, that's the way a Gentoo system wants to be handled. I know, I know, mine has been out of normal order since a long time. And it wasn't that bad actually. Still: ''Maintain often, maintain early  

Removing debug USE-Flag from make.conf

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Gentoo explains the debug USE-Flag like that: ''Tells configure and the makefiles to build for debugging. Effects vary across packages, but generally it will at least add -g to CFLAGS. Remember to  

Retrieval of Fritz!Box's honour ;)

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I can reach the other machines on the network by their hostname. The Fritz!Box DHCP/Name-server does consider the hostnames given to the DHCP-clients. Only debian doesn't configure the DHCP-client  

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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