Leaving Ilmenau gets real

Published on Sun 30 of Jul, 2006

Today really is the last day on which I can do some preparing stuff for my move to Bayreuth(which will be tomorrow morning). I have been packing my books, CDs and DVDs into boxes - and found out, that with four full boxes my room is still as packed as before! Well, that's pretty common for moving people afaik..... ;)

This whole moving-thing needed some real change in mind: I needed to understand, that "I will be moving out of Ilmenau". Once I realized that, it wasn't any problem at all to start packing - once I realized, that I will be leaving Ilmenau. Ilmenau - this city, that coined seven years of my life - that city, that every student hates, but I love for all its dark secrets and the life underhands - that city, that is only a village of people from around the world(yes, chinese make a big percentage of students) - that city, that presumably produces the world's best graduands - that city, that is slowly leaving its GDR-past behind itself - that city, that is ruled by an university not worthy of being called an "alma mater" - the city in which I gained my freedom as an individual!

I just performed a symbolic act of leaving. My Finland-flag (which was hanging in every single appartment [4 of them all-in-all] I have ever had in Ilmenau) was just folded for transport according to the rules of the probably most nationalistic country of the world.

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