Trolling gets rolling

Published on Wed 25 of Jan, 2006

Today is the first official day of the Trollparty in Caracas. There were some problems with getting internet connection working etc., but the most important stuff seems solved. So lets get rolling! :)

Get the timeline here: http://caracas.trollparty.org/tiki-calendar.php

For all the people not yet knowing, what a trollparty is, here's a good explanation:

[22:24:50] digao - mose: i feel that i get the idea. and seens that you are doing a exciting job. but i don't realize this in action, i mean what the trolls are doing? :)
[22:25:41] lorinc - tinkering with stuff and chatting 'bout it ;)
[22:25:50] lorinc - like all other people
[22:26:18] lorinc - and as it seems trolls are different people ;)
[22:26:42] lorinc - tinkerin' with different stuff ;)
[22:26:58] lorinc - and combined tinkerin' is the trollish key ;)
[22:27:17] lorinc - well... as far as i gotit.
[22:27:38] digao - lorinc: tinkerin??? (sorry, poor english)
[22:28:24] lorinc - http://www.thejackcat.com/AC/Shopping/Crafts/Tinkering.htm :)
[22:37:17] digao - lorinc: its more cleaner now
[22:38:09] lorinc - :)

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