O'Reilly really disappointed me :(

Published on Sat 27 of May, 2006

I am (was?) a big fan of O'Reilly - my computer book publisher of choice.
They always support Open Source, understand the issues of freedom in the digital age. And of course make the greatest computer books available.

Or should I speak in the past tense?

O'Reilly copyrighted the term "Web2.0" and put lawyers after some people who want to make a conference with "Web2.0" in it's name! O'Reilly wants to stop a collaborative meeting of people interested in the same area as they themselves are!! What?!???!

Have a look at Performancing.com: Handling Mistakes in Public.
There's a good posting with the most important links to blog posts, which explain, what's going on. This posting (and the references) is also a good kick-start for all the people, who don't really know, how corporate communication nowadays should be handled. Apparantly not even O'Reilly knows! And they coined the term "Web2.0" and what everything belongs to it...

... Tim O'Reilly is on holidays.. yeah, sure - like he would still be on holidays when his company screws up like this and he wouldn't approve it!

I reilly don't know, what to think of this whole shit....

UPDATE: It's apparantly not O'Reilly directly, but a company called CMP.

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