Played around with ohloh.net

Published on Fri 27 of Jul, 2007

ohloh is a pretty nice n' nifty web2.0 service, that allows anyone to assess Open Source projects and coders. I don't know, why I just now stumbled across it (my bro told me about it), but it is pretty decent.

The basic idea rocks as it combines good statistics gathered from openly available SCM (Source Code Management) tools like CVS, SVN and git (which btw rocks) with collective, subjective information won from the ohloh community. The latter works by providing the people the ability to give kudos to other contributors and by putting projects into one's stack. Stacking is an interesting idea as it not only allows you to see which projects are much used, but also allows for suggestions as on Amazon "other users also use...". Spiced with tagging(which doesn't really deserve this name though) and mashed up with Google maps, this makes an overall pretty good application.

The source code statistics are good, but still flawed. For example *lite CSS is mentioned to be "Mostly written in JavaScript", which obviously is bulls#%$ and I only made 100 commits in TikiWiki. But well, I made exactly 100, that's not bad either.. ;) Also I would wish some more RSS-feeds, for example for projects or contributors.

Anyways I today played three hours with the site and wish them good luck! The concept is great! :)

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