Free Burma!

Published on Thu 04 of Oct, 2007

"Ain't life a bitch?" Billy Cole said in The Last Boy Scout and shot himself in the head. Well, yes, life is a bitch, especially if other people shoot you in the head as happens to peaceful monks in Burma.

Free-Burma.org declared this day to be the "International Bloggers' Day for Burma". Bloggers should cease posting for one day and just post the following banner:

Fair enough a deal for creating some awareness in this world! I probably create more awareness by posting at all again, but it's the effect that counts. If you got a blog, join in and whether you have a website or not: Join the list of participants

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming John Rambo movie which is set in Burma features this dialog:

John J. Rambo: You bringing any weapons?

Burnett: Of course not.

John J. Rambo: Then you ain't changin' nothin'.

Let's hope that the world won't need more weapons to change bitchin' life in Burma for the better!

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