Colliding in the real world to distribute the virtual

Published on Fri 29 of Feb, 2008

Lately I began diggin' GTD and I have to say that I love my new hipster PDA, which I chose as one weapon to evaluate. imho GTD creates reminders by planning to make resources collide. Well, today was a day where resources collided by accident and something beautiful emerged - look at what I've done:


This is the result of months of breeding over thoughts colliding with a work brainstorming session following a talk with a colleague about social networks and the known revenue model of selling customer data.

Later then, in a chat with a very close friend of mine, I realized that there is a pretty similar revenue model for the next stage of evolution of social networks. Indeed this will create something called Social Mining - which will be (yup, for real: I googled and wikipediaed it and found nothing) the marketing term (or buzz word, if you like ;) ) by which it will be sold to VCs, commercial customers, press... in short: the public!

So thanks a bunch to everybody involved today and note to self: "Gotta get some evenly lined index cards". ;)

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