A big THANK YOU to germany's highest court

Published on Sun 02 of Mar, 2008

"Germany's highest court has restricted the right of the security services to spy on the computers of suspected criminals and terrorists." (BBC article).

I have been a fan of germany's highest court for a long time. The german Basic Constitutional Law is one of the greatest of it's kind worldwide and the Federal Constitutional Court is its guardian. And it often proved to be a worthy one as for example 25 years ago, when it introduced the basic right of 'informational self-determination'.

Our current minister of the interior has brought up many sick ideas lately and one was the invention of the so called 'federal trojan horse' - a computervirus that should be distributed to the people to be able to spy on their computers. Though I have a lot of faith in our highest court, I really feared how they will decide about this.

Turns out that there wasn't much to fear. This court really is worth every penny it earns and they didn't only stop the trojan, they didn't only declare the first law for it as being completely unconstitutional - no, they even made a gift to the german people, they gave us a new basic right:

The basic right of the warranty of confidentiality and integrity of IT-systems

This is awesome!!
I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart and if I ever meet one of those guys, I'll buy him a beer!

Next insane thing to come to their court will be the 'Telecommunications data retention' - but I'm looking at that more relaxed now, they'll figure it out! :)

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