Rock im Park 2008

Published on Sat 17 of Jan, 2009

This was the event I was looking forward to the most. It all started when some friends told me.. no, let me start at the beginning!

In 1999 I started my studies and in the beginning of 2000 Rage Against The Machine had their Battle of Berlin. A fellow student of mine asked me to go there and as I was a RATM fan ever since, I agreed. But then the exams came and we were reasonable students telling ourselves that 'we need to learn and that we will have the chance to see Rage some time later'. Well, yeah, right - they dissolved the band about two months later! Which became my biggest artistic trauma in my still young life...

... and then some friends told me - ah, here we are again - that RATM will be at Rock im Park. Well, they have to know, as they are in the business of promoting music (http://franzgrosse.de/) and they also organized the marketing for germany's milkproducing farmers - but that's another story.. ;)

Long story short: there was nothing to stop me from finally seeing the most political band alive(and they make great music, too ;) )! I was the only guy on the camping site with an old german army tent and afterwards I also found out why: My tent was flushed away by the rain! Luckily I could then sleep in the food-tent of my neighbours - who afterwards called me 'warehouseman' as I knew exactly where stuff was. ;)

On the second evening then was the RATM concert and it really payed off! Mosh-Pit, first row - and I'm still alive! I'm lacking the words to tell anything more.. it was just one hour of awesome live action!

After the concert then, I was sitting on the lawn, totally exhausted and writing my bro an SMS to tell him how great it was when suddenly I heard a female voice: "Did they leave you alone?" I looked up and there was Bärbel squatting beside me. I just stumbled: "Err, ehm, no - I'm here alone anyways!" - "Do you want to be part of something bigger?" - "Well, yeah, sure!" :)

And that's how I met some really lovely people, having a great evening with them, discovering that there even is a discotheque on the festival area and wasting the rest of the evening. They live close to Nürnberg and we decided to meet the next day again. The last day of Rock im Park was really relaxed then: lying on the lawnn of the center stage, talking, the beer-guy came every now and then to refill, smoking, chilling and having the best bands of the world play for us. I was mainly sitting there with Frank while the others went looking at other stages, too. And then he told me that he is having a party at every friday the 13th - something that emerged from a stupid idea and now he has to do it.

  • "You know when the next friday the 13th is?"
  • "Uhm, nope.."
  • "Next weekend"
  • "Heh, funny!"
  • "Wanna come?"
  • "Uhm, sure!!"

And this way the second unplanned partyweekend of my after-thesis time was fixed, too! ;)

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