Hörschaden @ Kiki Blofeld - 2008-05-31

Published on Sat 17 of Jan, 2009

For the time after my thesis I had planned two thirds of the weekends - only interestingly the first one was still free. And as luck would have it something turned up just in the last weeks of my thesis. Hörschaden planned to have a party in Berlin with a nice boat cruise before. As I know the Hörschaden guys from Ilmenau and always liked what they did, this was the perfect thing to start my party season.

And this really was the perfect start for it! First a nice, geriatric style sight-seeing cruise on the Spree in Berlin - but with the added value of some DJs providing us with electronic music. And then we continued to Kiki Blofeld, where the party continued until the morning. Awesome location, I can really recommend it! It's a former boat bunker of the GDR with windows towards the river and lots of natural real estate outside.

Somewhen in the morning we got thrown out because of some misunderstanding, but I guess we figured that out with the staff, too. ;)
And actually at this party I got to know Anke, who then later offered to take the pictures I currently use on this site as avatars.

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